Creating a Trauma Informed World:
One Organization, One Family, One Person at a time

Organizational & Leadership Development

A trauma informed service system is one in which all providers involved recognize and respond to the impact of traumatic and secondary traumatic stress. We can teach you how.

Trauma Informed Care Training

Making the neuroscience simple and teaching you to apply brain based strategies to mitigate challenging behaviors; increase client engagement and decrease secondary trauma expressed as staff burnout.

Employee Well-Being Program Development

When we take care of our staff, they take care of us. We help you help your employees remain happy, healthy and productive.

Trauma Informed Counseling and Coaching

Supporting parents and professionals with trauma-informed and attachment-focused solutions to challenging behaviors in our wounded clients and children.

Is healing from trauma really possible?

Our trauma-sensitive professional team provides mindful and trauma-informed care at the vital edge of recovery.

Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH, our proprietary paradigm, is based in recent research from the fields of neuroscience, neurobiology, psychology, epigenetics, and emotional intelligence; and in ancient paradigms of mind/body/spirit healing. We use ERH to dynamically focus on healing for all populations impacted by toxic stress and trauma. As an organizational construct ERH offers a parallel process of recovery for consumer, provider, staff, and organization simultaneously.

Talk to us about creating trauma informed systems of care; training and consulting services in trauma informed care and secondary traumatic stress recovery; organizational assessments for trauma informed care preparedness; clinical consults, family and individual therapy, staff coaching and conference Key Notes.

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3 Powerful Processes for Healing the Trauma of Shame

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