Creating a Trauma Informed World:
One Organization, One Family, One Person at a time


Mindfully Based and Trauma Proficient Leadership, Staff and Organizational Development


Trauma Informed Care Training and Implementation


Secondary and Vicarious Trauma Relief for First Responders


Executive and Life Coaching

70% of organizational change efforts fail primarily due to the people side.
Emotionally Intelligent and Trauma Informed Organizations create environments conducive to high employee satisfaction and low attrition contributing to solid outcomes; in every industry.
Intentionally, Purposefully and Consciously creating non violent, emotionally safe, and energized organizations, institutions, schools, communities and families.


Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Traumatic Stress recovery for the healing of wounded individuals and the responders who serve them.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulatory Healing as foundations for the success of your organization.

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Executive coaching is beneficial for leadership to improve skills, inspire higher productivity and achievement in their employees.

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Hey Jules,

I want to thank you so much for being an AMAZING panelist for our Colloquium on Friday.  You were absolutely incredible!!!  I so appreciate the passion, expertise and dedication to the trauma field.  Your work and commitment to children and adults dealing with trauma is lifesaving.

Again, thank you for sharing your story and overall incredibleness with all of us.

Clara A. Reynolds, LCSW, MBA
President and CEO, One Crisis Center Plaza

“I highly recommend Juli Alvarado and her group for training, consulting, and organizational crisis intervention”
Yvonne Sletta, Supervisor, Adoption Unit, El Paso County, CO

“It is not often you find a master orator, teacher, mentor and friend who is also a master therapist, consultant and expert in the healing of children and families. This is Jules”

Donna Bolinger, State Director,
SAFY Indiana

Transforming Emotional Trauma at Work and at Home

Emotional trauma is toxic in every way; it causes physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual symptoms.

Emotional trauma is the root of attrition in our organizations, separation in our couples and families and failed placements in educational settings and child welfare.

Until we get our emotional lives back into regulation we will continue to see a decline in performance in the office, and relationship behind closed doors.

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Making Everything “OK” In A System That Is Not OK

Not everything has to be ok. And in our system, not everything IS ok. But in our system, the energy is moving. Moving forward with generosity. Moving forward with a willingness to live with the tension of not knowing, yet. Moving forward so we do not stagnate. Moving forward and open to learning as we go. I humbly offer 4 additional steps we can take as we work toward OK when we are not OK.

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Trauma Informed WORLD

A simpler way.
What if all of this global crisis is actually an opportunity for global transformation?

What if Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH,
our global,
attachment focused and
mindfully taught paradigm
for transformation could become an effective FEEL GOOD move toward healing for our world!?

THAT has always been my goal.

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I have been following Juli Alvarado for over a decade now. She embodies everything that I believe about trauma and stress and how it expresses itself through behavior.

Kerri Hankin, MSW

I want all of my foster parents to be able to speak the language of Juli Alvarado- kindness, self awareness, and an understanding about the intersection of mind, body and spirit.

Kerri Hankin, MSW

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