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Life Coaching and Energy Healing

“I knew that if I could learn to tell my story of childhood sexual abuse without it overwhelming me, I could learn to use it to serve others toward the same. Healing from my own trauma had to come first. This became an ache deep inside. My purpose was becoming clear.  I have experienced all that I have so that I could understand it from the deepest place and then support others coming out of their own. I was born to serve.” – 


Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Traumatic Stress recovery for the healing of wounded individuals and the communities who serve them.

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Deep dive, transformative, life-changing from the first soul session. Personalized and individualized support by Jules to help you reclaim your true voice, worth and power.

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Together we work to activate the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks caused by stress and trauma stimulating the body’s inherent ability to heal itself.

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“I highly recommend Juli Alvarado and her group for training, consulting, and organizational crisis intervention”
Yvonne Sletta, Supervisor, Adoption Unit, El Paso County, CO

“It is not often you find a master orator, teacher, mentor and friend who is also a master therapist, consultant and expert in the healing of children and families. This is Jules”

Donna Bolinger, State Director,
SAFY Indiana

Hey Jules,

I want to thank you so much for being an AMAZING panelist for our Colloquium on Friday.  You were absolutely incredible!!!  I so appreciate the passion, expertise and dedication to the trauma field.  Your work and commitment to children and adults dealing with trauma is lifesaving.

Again, thank you for sharing your story and overall incredibleness with all of us.

Clara A. Reynolds, LCSW, MBA
President and CEO, One Crisis Center Plaza

Energy Healing Meets The Treatment Of Trauma

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks, help you quiet your mind, calm your body and bring tranquility to your spirit. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, is stimulated. Homeostasis returns. Energy healing is based on scientific principles.

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Is healing from trauma really possible?

What does healing from trauma actually look like, feel like, sound like; and how do you know if you are ‘healing’?

There is a broad assumption in our world that many, if not most people need to heal.

And while healing is a phenomenal process that can restore meaningful life to millions of people, and for which I am most grateful, I believe we are increasingly moving into a new understanding of healing, and I’m not alone.

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Quieting the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response

Just as all children in the child welfare system have experienced different kinds of trauma, many birth, adoptive and foster parents involved with child welfare services have their own histories of childhood and/or adult trauma. Untreated traumatic stress has serious consequences for children, adults, and families. Traumatic events in childhood and adolescence can continue to impact adult life, affecting an adult’s ability to regulate emotions, maintain physical and mental health, engage in relationships, parent effectively, and maintain family stability.

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I have been following Juli Alvarado for over a decade now. She embodies everything that I believe about trauma and stress and how it expresses itself through behavior.

Kerri Hankin, MSW

I want all of my foster parents to be able to speak the language of Juli Alvarado- kindness, self awareness, and an understanding about the intersection of mind, body and spirit.

Kerri Hankin, MSW

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