Increasing Employee Well-being and Staff Retention Rates Through a Trauma-Informed Care Framework

The Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group has been creating employee well-being and staff retention programs for organizations around the globe for more than 30 years. Utilizing research in trauma-informed care and secondary trauma relief we can help your staff increase resiliency, decrease turnover, and positively impact both the work environment and the bottom line.

Organizational Development

Secondary Trauma contributes to poor staff retention and productivity. Organizations rooted in TIC address trauma at every level, staff, and client. The cost of staff turnover in any organization is mitigated with our employee well-being initiatives.

Trauma Informed Care Training

Beyond Trauma Informed Care is Trauma Informed Practice. The link between Secondary Trauma and staff retention  informes all of our training to include TIC best practice for both client and staff. 

Employee Well-Being

We develop unique employee well-being initiatives for your unique needs that address the impact of primary and secondary trauma on staff retention. When we take care of our staff, they take care of our clients.

Educational System Transformation

Trauma impacts students’ learning, behaviors, performance and staff retention. One of every four students has been exposed to trauma. We help you create Trauma Informed Educational Systems where healing is experienced for staff and students alike.

Clients We Serve

Our Children’s Trust
Colorado Department of Human Services
Biidaaban Healing Lodge, Pic River First Nation
Raise the Future ( The Adoption Exchange)
Navajo Nations
Provincials Schools Branch, Ontario Canada
Tanana Tribal Council
Blue Bench

Girls, Inc
Crisis Center of Tampa Bay
Human Resource Center of Clark County
Life Springs Employee Assistance Program
Uinta Academy
Temple Beth Ami, MD
State Department of Virginia, Child Welfare
State of California, Human Services
State of Florida, Child Protection
Adoptions Together, MD

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