Hold on, we kick off with some science and quickly get to the good stuff~

Affective neuroscience studies the way that emotions are regulated, or dysregulated, in the brain. Just as we must learn to read and write, and a bit about history, geography and math to be successful out there, we must also learn to manage our social and emotional lives.

By the early elementary years, children should be able to recognize and label their emotions, as well as understanding how emotions lead us to act. Empathy and the ability to read nonverbal cues significantly evolve in healthy JR high students; and by high school graduation our young adults would be well served to know what causes stress for them, be capable of navigating away from that and increase that which motivates them toward success.

Teaching children the way to improved self-awareness and confidence as well as to manage disturbing emotions and impulses provides improved relationships, less violence and increased academic success.

The same holds true for adults. If we did not learn these skills as children, we have may carried into our adulthood an emotional vacuum that we tend to fill with food, sex, addictions, drugs, relationships and self-contempt.

The work of ER, Emotional Regulation combined with Emotional Intelligence provides the space and the capacity for acquiring these skills at any stage of life. From organizational leaders, to managers and clinicians, from foster parents to teachers and everyone in-between. Success, or failure, looks much the same.

Coaching for LIFE will become

Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, LLC in June, 2014, and you will learn more about how the integrated skills of Emotional Regulation and Emotional Intelligence can support your success at home and in the office.

Remember, change is an inside job. When you change, change has happened. What the rest of the world does with that is their business, you just need to stay in yours.

Here is to success for each and every one of us on this wonderful journey called LIFE!


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