About CCHC

Community Holistic Health Center (CHHC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Colorado corporation in Lafayette. We are dedicated to enhancing conscious awareness of body, mind and spirit through individual healing sessions, support groups, classes, and educational training.

Mission Statement
Community Holistic Health Center provides individuals and groups a place to receive holistic services in a supportive environment.

Community Holistic Health Center is a non-profit founded in October 2011. We were created from a vision by Dannion Brinkley’s near-death experience where he was shown centers that would help people in relieving their stress. These centers were designed to help individuals realize that they are great, almighty, powerful, spiritual beings with Dignity, Direction, and Purpose! We have come together as a community of professional practitioners who are committed to serve people who are motivated to heal on the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual levels with therapeutic guidance and compassion.

Board of Directors
Brad Cleavenger-Chair
Monica Tall-Treasurer
Roger Portfolio-Board Member
Teresa Doherty-Executive Directo