About Liz Clark

Liz Clark is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in trauma, attachment and the issues adopted and foster adolescents and their families may experience. Sharing her knowledge of the effects of early childhood trauma on the brain, particularly how it relates to brain development she has been able to help parents better understand their teenage children as well as help those teens understand themselves.  Liz believes that knowledgeable and empathetic understanding leads to healing.  Through relationship and regulation healing is possible. 

In her group work with Parents of Adopted Kids, Liz provides ongoing support as well as learning opportunities for parents. The focus and goal of these parent groups are to explore some of the unique needs adopted children and their families may experience. This group is an essential place to express feelings, give and get support, build lasting connections, and ultimately “feel less alone in their daily journey”.  The importance of sharing experiences with those who are walking a path similar to yours cannot be overemphasized.