Everything you think, everything you feel, and everything that you do is directed by your brain.
The brain is the boss of behavior.

If you want to change behaviors, you must first change the brain.

In order to mitigate the daily stress of our lives, we must become more emotionally regulated, and when we do so, our thinking brain functions more optimally.
We are able to make better decisions.
We are able to control our actions.
We feel more empathy.
We stay connected to others and we increase our resilience to that stress that will inevitably come again.

We see a decrease in staff turnover.
We see an increase in staff morale.
We see a positive change in the energy of our environment.

Achieving emotional regulation is much more simple than you may be thinking.

In these 3 highly engaging, e-Learning videos, Jules Alvarado, international speaker and healing consultant, guides you through practical, simple, brain-based and mindfully grounded techniques for increasing emotional regulation in the face of stress, chaos and trauma.

These techniques can be practiced by anyone, everyone, at any age, in any situation and cost nothing but a few minutes of your time.
They draw from the field of neuroscience, epigenetics, awakened consciousness and mindfully guided healing of brain/body/spirit.

Stress in the workplace is not the problem.
Actually, stress in your workplace is the norm because of the nature of your work.
How we respond to that stress and how to not allow “their” stress to become “our” stress is what you will learn in this video series.

Brief enough for all staff, all family members, all people to watch and practice daily.
Engaging enough to keep everyone attuned.
Effective enough to change your brain, change your behaviors and change your life.

This video series is being used in global corporations, small child welfare agencies, faith-based groups and first responder systems in more than 10 countries and 4 languages.

For half of what it would cost to bring Jules Alvarado on-site, you can purchase a full year of e-Learning for your entire staff.
Unlimited seats and unlimited views for all 3 videos is only $2,999.00 USD.

As our gift to you at no charge, Take a peek at the first video here!

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