Adoption Support

We Nurture

We nurture children, teens, adults and their families by providing adoption-competent counseling services.

We Inspire

We inspire those touched by adoption to become better educated about how to address adoption-related issues.

We Empower

We empower mental health professionals with the training they need to address the unique challenges inherent in adoption.


Families formed through adoption face unique challenges. It is not always obvious that an issue you may be experiencing yourself or with your child may or may not be related to adoption. That’s where we come in. Our highly trained adoption-competent therapists work with birth, foster and adoptive families. We are highly trauma informed and practicing and offer mindfully based practices toward self and co-regulation.

Not only are we counselors, we are also adoptive parents. We have walked this journey and are now committed to walking it with others who may be in need of safe support.

We provide adoptive parent support groups, adopted teens support group, individual, couple and family counseling in our Denver, Colorado office, in your home, and by phone globally.

We serve state, county and local departments of Human Services, the private sector and those who self-refer.

To find out if our team might be a good fit for you, you can schedule a brief phone consult with us here.

Education and Training:

Trauma Informed and Mindfully based, Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH, is our proprietary paradigm for the healing of the deepest wounds.

We have trained parents and professionals in over 10 countries and in 4 languages for more than three decades. You can see a few of our recent clients here, and what they have to say about us here.

ERH teaches us brain based and simple, but effective strategies for remaining emotionally regulated during times of chaos and high stress.

We direct each of our trainings to our unique audience and work with you directly to co-create a day that will exceed your expectations every time!

For more information about our education and training visit us here.