Simply Healing Groups: Donation of $35 each group

Simply Healing support groups are held on the healing property of Juli Alvarado, in Boulder, Colorado, the third Wednesday nights of each month, from 6-8pm MST.

Whether one person, or 20 people or 200 show up on any given Wednesday evening, a safe, accepting and honoring space is held for each of you to discover yourself through relationship to self first, and then others on the same path.

When like-minded souls unite, the power of change is expansive. Whether you are a current client of Juli’s or new to our group, you will find Simply Healing directed at intentional living, deeply penetrating and transformational.

Guided discussion, meditation and process leads to increased awareness of self, energy for new direction in life, love, family and relationships.

If you are wondering, exploring and searching; if you know that there is something more out here for you, this group awaits your arrival.

Contact Juli for more information and to register

Juli is PRESENT. She has the capacity to encourage healing through loving kindness. Her knowledge is vast and I consider Juli to be at the top of her field. She loves- and lives-the healing work that she does. I truly don’t know if there are many others (if any!) out there like Juli- and I have seen a lot of professionals in my years.

Kerri Hankin, ED, Courage Foster Care

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