Hey Jules,

I want to thank you so much for being an AMAZING panelist for our Colloquium on Friday.  You were absolutely incredible!!!  I so appreciate the passion, expertise and dedication to the trauma field.  Your work and commitment to children and adults dealing with trauma is lifesaving.

Again, thank you for sharing your story and overall incredibleness with all of us.

Clara A. Reynolds, LCSW, MBA
President and CEO, One Crisis Center Plaza

Emotional Regulatory Healing

“I’ve done extensive training with Juli in her model for Emotional Regulatory Healing, and what I have learned under her guidance is at the cornerstone of my work as a therapist, coach, and trainer.

At first, I was drawn to Juli’s model because of how working with her helped me in my personal life. I sought training from her as a professional because of her reputation in the state of Colorado, but found that I was influenced most by Juli as a person first. As I began to integrate Emotional Regulatory Healing into my own life, and experienced the benefits of engaging in relationship through this lens, it only made sense to further pursue using this model with my clients to better facilitate their healing.

My clients are experiencing results with my approach, which draws largely on what I have learned with Juli about Emotional Regulatory Healing. I work primarily with families who have children with attachment challenges in private practice and as the consulting clinician to the Child Welfare programs at Catholic Charities in Denver. While most of the folks that I work with acknowledge that healing is a lifelong journey, many have expressed that the feel they’ve come further in their own lives than they expected possible.”

-Jennifer Winkelmann, MA, LPC, NCC

Founder/Clinical Director

Inward Bound, LLC


Most Effective Training

“This is the most effective training I have ever attended…..I get it, finally I get it and I can’t wait to go home and DO it!”

-Jan, Indianapolis

Emotionally Connected

“I joined Juli’s consultation group in the Denver area two years ago. My practice is full, my relationships with clients are emotionally charged and connected, and my life is in balance. Every therapist needs a Juli.”

-Diane, Colorado

Powerful Coaching

“Powerful coaching, powerful support, powerful insight and powerful compassion!”

-Serena,  WY

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