From Chaos to Calm: A Healing Guide

A mindful approach to trauma informed care through Emotional Regulatory Healing.


Johnny got kicked out of his 3rd Day Care setting


Kim refuses to do any homework


Anne punched another staff hard enough to bruise


Steven has been in 17 placements in his short 10 years of life


Staff are tired and confused about what to do in a crisis


Disrupted foster placements and failed adoptions are on the rise

From Chaos to Calm Healing Guide for Trauma Informed Care

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None of these true examples are a surprise to any of us working in child welfare. We are facing crisis day after day.

Our child welfare system is as traumatized as the children and families it was designed to treat.

The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group responds with a new Mindful and Trauma Informed Healing Guide.

“The issue of self-regulation needs to become front and center in the treatment of trauma.” Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Mindful Trauma Informed Care

Before any talking, prior to any ‘treatment’, prior to the introduction of a new school, new friends, new church or new therapist; the capacity for emotional regulation in our children of trauma is more important than anything else.

Emotional Regulatory Healing© ERH,  is a mindful, trauma informed paradigm through which we serve our most troubled, and most troubling children and families by serving ourselves simultaneously. Traumatized staff simply cannot effectively treat traumatized clients. Our healing comes first.

From Chaos to Calm, a written healing guide authored by Juli Alvarado, is intended to be useful to clinicians, social workers, child care workers, educators, foster and adoptive parents, and agency or training directors who accept responsibility for ‘our’ wounded survivors.

ERH is being utilized in residential treatment centers, day treatment settings, inpatient hospitals, schools and agencies throughout the US and Canada.

More than 10,000 parents and professionals have been trained in ERH over the past decade. Built on both a theoretical foundation of neuroscience and concrete interventions, ERH is offering a pathway from Chaos to Calm.

ERH is not another therapeutic model to replace the one in use. We have been there, and done that for generations of work in healing. No new model has brought any significant, long term increase in positive outcomes.

From Chaos to Calm Healing Guide for Trauma Informed Care

$49 .00

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ERH is a paradigm shift in the way that we respond to traumatized populations. ERH offers a parallel process of recovery for self, client, staff and entire organizations. Grounded in the science of both emotional regulation and emotional intelligence, and offering relationship and engagement as  primary interventions, ERH adheres to recent research in attachment, learning theories and developmental psychology.

Emotional Regulatory Healing: ERH

a brain based paradigm grounded in practical neuroscience.

Healing Guide 2015 coverThrough ERH we learn ~

1) to reduce primitive brain functions that have become hyper-aroused and to increase activity in the higher regions of the brain that provide more optimal functioning.

2) to discriminate between what is therapeutic and what is not.

3) to employ only interventions consistent with a neurodevelopmental understanding of neuroplasticity.

4) to rely on the alliance between client and therapist at all times. ERH is relationship based.

5) to activate moderate states of arousal; change cannot happen if the ‘state’ does not change. States become traits.

6) to teach clients about their brains in order to boost their confidence in the therapy experience.

7) to teach clients that the stress thermostat in their brain may need to be reset. We can do that together by deciding that troubling feelings might represent excitement for a new challenge instead of fear about danger. This will require safety with the therapist,  and repetition.

8) that sensations in our own bodies should not be the solo cause for alarm. As we work to reset the stress thermostat we require both brain and body awareness in order to determine true danger.

9) that although flashbacks can seem to appear out of nowhere, they may be triggered by the same body sensations that were felt during or right after the trauma event(s). Our work will help the client tolerate those body sensations as they learn to engage higher level processing of the brain, regaining Emotional Regulation.

10) to integrate mindful, trauma sensitive and simple, brain based techniques for therapist/client alike.

This Healing Guide comes complete with the power point slides from Juli’s full day training, along with 25 years of research and practice content. Built into the guide are exercises designed to enhance our learning through experiential process.

A critical tool for parents and professionals.

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