Simply Healing
One Day Women’s Retreat
9am-4pm August 5, 2018
Boulder, Colorado

Are you a woman who is interested in circling with other like-minded women to ~

Develop insight into what makes you who you are;

clear old, toxic and traumatic blocks;

recognize the skills and gifts that you brought into this lifetime;

determine your life purpose;

understand the cycles of your life;

clarify relationship compatibility and career choices;

gain confidence in the timing of new projects or possible moves:

and to learn your karmic influences?

If so, we have a day of powerful healing just for you!

Power down to power up. Journey into self with renowned women’s retreat leader, Jules Alvarado and guest astrologer, Wei.

Jules and Wei will lead a small group of women into deep self-discovery teaching how to harness your own unique strengths and power.

In the face of current political, social and environmental upheavals, women across the world are rising up to push for increased leadership roles within all sectors of community and society,  and in our roles as Mother.

Simply Healing Women retreats bring small groups together to connect, explore what it means to be a woman in this time of tumultuous change, and prepare – individually and as a community – for the challenges before us.

On August 5, 2018, in Boulder, CO Jules will be joined by Wei, a recognized astrologer, and together they will offer a One Day Retreat for women in Search of Self and Purpose.

The morning session with Jules will focus on Transparency of Self. We will discover what masks we wear, what fear we are hiding and who we may be as our false image is slowly released. We will begin to step fully into and fully express our authentic self in total Transparency. How powerful might you be if you tapped into the courage to BE who you are truly meant to BE? Through meditation, a journey with goddess Kali and individual inquiry, we will discover the divine, feminine power waiting to be unleashed. This power of love transforms self, others and the world.

The afternoon session will include a brief astrological reading for each participant as we continue to integrate the soul’s journey and the lessons of this lifetime for each of you. Wei has been reading Jules chart for many years with deep transformation coaching, and now Jules is sharing Wei with the world. Wei helps women wake up to their true purpose on a soul level; supporting their power to heal their deepest wounds. She plants seeds of awareness that have the capacity to transcend deep traumatic memories. Wei’s intuitive gifts offer new ways to live through authenticity for women around the world.

Believe me, this is a gift of a lifetime!

The cost for this full day with Jules and Wei is only $199.

A $49 non-refundable registration fee is required to reserve your seat. Please bring the remaining $150 in the form of check or cash on the day of the retreat.