Letter From Jules

We are all on a Quest for Peace.

In more than two decades of organizational and family work, we at Alvarado Consulting Group have witnessed the extreme destruction and ultimate dissolution of healthy, connected relationships at home and in the office. These are the core environments in which the human mind/body/spirit should evolve and thrive.

Alvarado Consulting Group will assist you in discovering and utilizing trauma-sensitive resources to intentionally, purposefully and consciously create non-violent, emotionally safe organizations, institutions, communities, and families.

The long-term and unresolved effects of trauma and stress at home and in the workplace has left us feeling numb, vague about our work and life, and struggling to exist harmoniously from day to day. The goal of living and working peacefully is dramatically impacted by these feelings, and many families and agencies crumble believing there is no way out.

I believe that there is hope, every organization, every group and every person is capable of healing~

I invite you to browse our site and to contact us for further information.

Thank you for joining forces with Alvarado Consulting Group where everything we do is geared toward the maximization of human potential through peaceful relationship.

Love and Light,

Jules Alvarado MA, LPC, NCC