Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group provides Employee Well-Being program development, Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Trauma Relief services.

In the 6-minute video training segment above, we offer an introduction to Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH, on which all of our consulting is based.

ERH is dynamically focused on healing for all populations impacted by toxic stress and trauma.  In conjunction with Emotional Intelligence, (EQ), ERH puts emotionally safe relationship at the center of successful transformation at home and in the office. EQ offers the path to a deeper understanding of our own emotions and the emotions of others.

People drive performance. Emotions drive People.

The smarter we are with emotions the more effective we are as leaders and parents.

We are unique in the industry and provide an all-encompassing, flexible, and scientifically based continuum of individual, family and organizational services. A blend of neuroscience, evidence-based and mindfully rich approaches have resulted in healing transformation for corporations and individuals internationally for more than two decades.