Coaching and Therapy

It is an honor to be invited into the vulnerable moments of our clients.

We don’t take this lightly and are prepared to create and hold sacred, safe space for all who enter.

Our staff is deeply grateful for 3 combined decades of serving those wounded by traumatic exposure.

Each of us experience, perceive, express and heal in unique ways.

Through Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH© our staff utilize attachment focused, mindfully based and neurobiologically informed strategies to help you mitigate the negative impact of trauma and move forward into infinite capacity for transformation.

The brain is the boss of behavior.
If we want to change behavior, we have to change the brain.

Everything that we do in our practice is grounded in relationship and brain-based interventions which soothe the harmful effects of trauma and loss.

Our goal is that you leave each session not only with solutions but most importantly, feeling better.

Jules Alvarado provides phone coaching internationally for highly motivated people ready to execute change. Her global clients include executives, professionals, parents and individuals seeking healing within the organization, or within the family system. 
Visit her on-line calendar to schedule a coaching session.

The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group provides therapy in our Denver, CO office, and global support through phone coaching. For more information on our staff therapists please visit: Trauma and Attachment Therapy.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, and the desire to keep our staff and our clients healthy and safe, all therapy services are offered confidentially and securely by phone or video call until further notice.