About Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group

In 2004 Juli Alvarado, known as Jules, brought together her passion, personal experience, clinical expertise and emotionally charged speaking ability to create Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group! Read the personal message from our founder.

As a parent and foster parent to more than 200 children (4 of them through birth), an executive serving child welfare, mental health, institutional care settings and inpatient psychiatric units in both the private and public sector; and as an advocate for Trauma Informed Practices, she is educating, inspiring and motivating agencies, conference participants, families and communities around the globe toward Emotional Regulatory Healing.

Her unending and incessant work for Peace, for the rights of foster and adopted children and families, and her love for all of humanity have compelled her to create therapeutic programs, management and leadership initiatives and organizational structures based in ancient healing paradigms and grounded in the most recent research in neurosciences, attachment and trauma.

Her magical blend of integrative healing and capacity to capture an audience, large or small have resulted in an ever growing and evolving consulting firm now serving 3 countries and from coast to coast in the United States.

Alvarado Consulting Group works intentionally, purposefully and consciously to create non-violent, emotionally safe organizations, institutions, communities, and families.