About Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group

In 2004 Juli Alvarado, known as Jules, brought together her passion, personal experience, clinical and organizational expertise, along with her emotionally charged speaking ability to create Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group! Read the personal message from our founder.

As a parent to more than 200 children (4 of them through birth), a leadership executive serving in both the private and public sector; and as an advocate for Employee Well-being and Mindful and Trauma Informed Practices, she is educating, inspiring and motivating groups around the globe toward Emotional Regulatory Healing.

Jules unique style creates transformative experiences whether she is working with your board of directors, your C-Suite leaders, staff, parents or your entire organization. For three decades The Alvarado Group has developed employee well-being and trauma-informed care programs for global corporations, state and county agencies, faith-based, first responder and educational groups internationally.

At the intersection of recent research in neuroscience, organizational change models and ancient paradigms in healing, Jules weaves an effective, efficient and inspiring model for integrating transformative practices.

Alvarado Consulting Group works intentionally, purposefully and consciously to create non-violent, emotionally safe organizations, institutions, communities, and families.

Jules Alvarado provides phone coaching internationally for highly motivated people ready to execute change. Her global clients include executives, professionals, parents and individuals seeking healing within the organization, or within the family system. 
Visit her on-line calendar to schedule a coaching session.

Liz Clark, Trauma Consultant and Therapist

Engaging Liz as part of our trauma consulting team allows us to train more schools, agencies, corporations, and communities in Mindful and Trauma Informed Care.

This is what participants say about workshops with Liz:

~ LOVED IT!  She made a huge impact, her information is so needed for families, for us even. The big take away, is “mirror neurons” that concept is fascinating! Living the low and slow no doubt works! She exuded ultimate compassion and understanding.  Additionally, I ALWAYS APPRECIATE, the vulnerability/ personal stories from a presenter that ties the information to real-life experiences. It really ties it all together. Presenters do not do this a lot and she did, in a very valuable way.

~ Absolutely loved this session!! Presenter was so informative and knowledgeable.

~ Exceptional workshop. A large light bulb lit up my brain. Thank you.

~ Great information that I can use right away with families.

~ I really enjoyed the breathing exercise – thank you.

~ Thank you for the great workshop. I had heard lots about fight, flight and freeze but today I learned more about how to help regulate myself!

~ Very informative on how to keep ourselves regulated so we can help others with their trauma response. Great reminder to practice the breathing exercises.

~ Very powerful presentation.  Looking forward to sharing with families and starting new routines for myself.

Liz is also a therapist trained in trauma, attachment and Emotional Regulatory Healing and provides individual, couple and family therapy; in addition to monthly support groups for adoptive parents and adopted teens both locally and online.

More about Liz

Dr. Mary Braud, MD

Dr. Braud is a graduate of LSU Medical School.  She completed residency training in pediatrics and psychiatry.  She is a certified functional medicine provider.  She has been in private practice in Denver, CO since 2005, offering a unique combination of conventional and alternative approaches to care.  She aims to minimize the use of conventional medication while using supplements guided by lab testing, mind-body practices for restoring the nervous system, optimal human nutrition and movement.  Her time away from the office is centered in the kitchen, at the barn with her horses, enjoying time with family or on the dance floor either teaching or just enjoying Groove.