Employee Well-being Development

Healthy employees are Happy employees.

Happy employees bring happiness and well-being to your clients and consumers.

Unhappy and unhealthy employees destroy the bottom line, the moral in the workplace and the diminish the possibilities for your mission and vision to be realized.

At The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group we know how to help you help your employees.

Employee Well-being EAP:

Stress in the workplace is not the problem. As a matter of fact, stress in the workplace is a norm for us.

How we respond to and mitigate the stress is the problem.

We are not a typical employee assistance program. For 20 years The Alvarado Group has been providing expert, professional, confidential and effective support for the level of secondary trauma that our staff experience every day in the workplace. We are trauma informed and prepared to help your staff find their way back to emotional regulation and productivity effectively and efficiently. Our EAP services are directed at a resilient, mindfully based and emotionally regulated employee.

Based on Emotional Regulatory Healing, we help your staff through brain based, scientifically grounded and mindfully focused strategies for quick recovery from the toxic stress we face in our work places today.

By the hour, by the month or by the year we have a package designed with your unique needs in mind.

Our global services are provided confidentially by phone, skype or on-site.

Employee Well-being On-site Training and Consultation:

We use our expertise on employee behavior in the workplace to help your staff meet the complex, day to day demands they face at home and in the office; and to teach your leadership ways to create an effective, resilient and flexible workforce.

We use on-site discovery, assessment, training, coaching and consultation to transform the macrosystem experience to one of calm instead of chaos, and peaceful productivity amidst the challenges and demands of today’s pace.

We have developed employee well-being programs globally for more than two decades. You can see some of our clients here.

Engage The Alvarado Group and protect your most precious asset, your employees.

Let our expert consultants help you help your staff help your business to flourish.