Organizational Development

Our work can no longer be about merely existing but instead must become about making a difference.

Are your leaders worth following? Would their staff agree?

Are your leaders moving in the direction that will not only sustain your business but impact your business toward a higher level of success?

Do your leaders create inspiration and confidence in your staff, do they motivate, execute and manage?

Are your leader’s strong agents for operational, strategic, organizational and relationship success?

The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group can help you get the answers.

Through 25 years of experience in organizational leadership and employee well-being, our goal has become not only to meet the objectives outlined in a strategic plan but also, to serve a higher need.

Certified in the Vital Signs Assessment program which incorporates the tenants of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulatory Healing, Jules Alvarado and her team are prepared to bring a wealth of expertise, passion, and transformation to your leadership and staff.

We will help you to create an Employee Well-being program that ensures your employees remain happy and motivated at work. After all, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.  We will teach you to compel a sense of urgency in your leadership to make the change needed to get your people committed, to create a clear plan, to make the results visible and to help you transform your organization from the inside out.

Beginning with on-site discovery and assessment and moving to full integration; from retreats for leaders, executive coaching and navigating multiple responsibilities; from live educational workshops, on-line eLearning, and on-site, intensive training of trainers, we can help you move from discussing the need for change to executing the plan. The Alvarado Group will provide you with a road-map for results.

Contact us to schedule a no-cost organizational assessment.