Executive Coaching and Team Building

One-on-One Business Coaching

Jules Alvarado offers custom and individual coaching programs designed for CEOs, C-suite professionals, career changers and next-level leaders. Focus areas include:

  • Leadership Development, using EQ and ERHWe focus on four competency areas, including authenticity, coaching, insight and innovation. We also identify and eradicate leadership derailers (impulse control, stress tolerance, independence and problem solving).
  • Prospecting Resistance: We refocus your leadership mindset from a fear/scarcity mentality to abundance/trust through execution, by focusing on helping your staff overcome the stressful aspects of their respective service.
  • Enhancing Employee Performance: We coach you into developing a high-performing team. We also coach key members of your executive leadership team to develop Star Performers.
  • Custom Design:  We assess and interview you to develop a personal plan that fits you best.

All packages include:

  • 50-minute bimonthly coaching sessions (ask about weekly meetings if you’re on the fast track). Sessions can be done in person or by phone. Your choice.
  • E-mail and text support is offered between each session.
  • Developmental plan with benchmarks to assess ongoing progress

Team Building

Engage in interactive and fun group coaching sessions that include EQ and ERH education, along with interactive exercises to improve group communication, develop EQ skills and promote high performance for an enhanced work environment (we’ll develop group cohesion, collaboration, trust, and synergy).

We conduct group sessions on-site in order to enhance the impact and sustainability.  Multiple programs are available to serve small companies to C-suites. Fully customizable, Jules Alvarado offers team building and corporate activity learning packages that will ensure you exceed your goals!

If you want to transform the people in your workforce, then you must bring in Jules Alvarado. She has a unique way of synthesizing all of what we are learning about trauma through neuroscience and the ACE study with what we have learned over the centuries through ancient healing traditions into a paradigm that allows you to be a better person. While that sounds simple, it is not. Her work stays with me until this day. It guides my interactions with others at home and in the work place and helps me to better understand the world, it’s trauma and it’s capacity to heal. She beautifully recognizes the choice we have each day to live from a place of peace or chaos and judges neither. Jules is a remarkable guide and can help you transform the people within your organization and therefore transform your work.

Eva Horner

Non-Profit Executive