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Training Programs:

Hire Inspirational, Educational and Motivational Speaker, Jules Alvarado, for an energetic and moving Trauma Informed Care and Healing Keynote or Conference workshop.

5 Day Training of Trainers –Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Trauma Relief through Emotional Regulatory Healing©
Beginning with our Trauma-informed Care Organizational Self-Assessment, this five day, intensive, experiential and on-site training is designed to prepare participants to not only practice Emotional Regulatory Healing but to provide a sustainable foundation for future outcomes through ongoing training. Our staff supports your increasing awareness and readiness to adopt the key components of a trauma-informed care organization including secondary trauma relief practices. We help you to identify 1)what you need to keep doing, 2) what you need to stop doing, or 3) what you need to start doing; and we provide the tools and strategies to implement immediately. This is a yearlong consulting package designed to help you complete the assessment, review results, and develop strategies for implementation. Post-training we meet monthly for a two-hour teleconference as we review cases, treatment planning needs, policies, and procedures. Included are materials needed to provide ongoing training in Trauma-Informed Care through Emotional Regulatory Healing.
3 Day Intensive – Trauma Informed Care through Emotional Regulatory Healing©
This on-site, hands-on, experiential training provides the framework, skills and supervised practice of Emotional Regulatory Healing© as your organization’s trauma-informed paradigm. This training is specifically designed for those who choose to practice Emotional Regulatory Healing within the organization committed to sustainable outcomes. Brain-Based interventions are practiced.
From Chaos to Calm: Introduction to Trauma-informed Care
A full day training, on-site, for all your staff provides an overview of trauma, its impact on social, emotional and behavioral presentations, explains what it takes to be trauma-informed, and provides strategies for responding to trauma in the therapy office, hospital unit, classroom or home. Brain-Based strategies are introduced.
The Complex Trauma Journey: A full day training on-site
How does trauma affect a survivor as they journey through life?  We have only recently been able to understand the holistic impact of complex trauma on a survivor.  Experts are beginning to openly discuss the impact of trauma on the brain, body and spirit. As a survivor of trauma who has embraced holistic recovery, my awareness has led me to a deep understanding of the impact of trauma.  I discuss my experiences with trauma by highlighting the physical, sexual, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual and parental impacts.  I also describe my recovery paradigm, Emotional Regulatory Healing, which is a parallel process of recovery for both client and provider simultaneously. Whether we have suffered and survived complex trauma or not, we are all in need of healing.
Compassionate Classrooms and Institutional Settings: Creating the trauma-informed school or residential setting

What is trauma anyway? How does trauma impact learning? Why doesn’t Behavior Modification  Work, AND, What Does?

This training helps educators understand the causes of trauma and how it manifests in the school setting. Learning about, and then learning to apply the paradigm of Emotional Regulatory Healing provides a framework that fills a need in the practical sense with strategies for calming disruptive behaviors in the classroom. Brain-based interventions are made simple within a deeper understanding of the neurological impact of trauma The Mindful and Trauma-Informed School training explores 3 Attributes of a Trauma Sensitive School; invites participants to complete a Trauma-Informed Assessment of their current school; Create a 3 step strategy to introduce Trauma Informed Education and to Take away concrete steps with resources to support  implementation.

The Legacy of Light: A parenting, full day workshop on-site: (this is also available as a two day foster/adoptive parenting retreat on-site)
Parenting is challenging for most of us. But for those who are parenting children of trauma, it is even more so. And, it is extremely difficult for parents, foster and adoptive parents who are also survivors of trauma within the family because we are left with no intuitive guidelines for successful parenting. Through activities which promote an honest and vulnerable understanding of our parenting, we will work together to evaluate the current belief systems driving your parenting, the defense mechanisms you use to cope with your triggers and the impacts your children may be feeling. We will also create a series of self-care actions to help you strengthen the boundaries within your family. Once you have identified some new boundaries, we will create another series of actions for building a stronger relationship with your children. Through these steps, we will work through the traumatic triggers that are keeping you from a life of more peaceful parenting.
Mindfulness in The Workplace

At the Alvarado Group, Employee Well-Being is front and center, not only for our staff but for yours.  Personal, relationship and organizational change is hard. Trying a new idea or technique or strategy always comes with discomfort and skepticism and the same is true for introducing mindfulness at work. In our workshop, we create the safety to explore mindfulness, compassion, and resilience in your workforce. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Both are possible. We can show you how.

Secondary Trauma: Compassion and Resilience Training for First Responders

At the Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, we are dedicated to the psychological, neurological, physical, emotional and relational well-being of first responders.  Call center staff who deal with trauma, police, fire, rescue, emergency, and social work professionals can learn resiliency in the face of toxic stress. Our training is based on current research and science and provides comprehensive, holistic and proactive training to equip first responders to become more resilient both on and off duty.

This training can be created for parents and professionals and is often delivered to a mixed audience. 

KeyNote and Speaking Engagements:

Need a specific topic covered in your keynote? Connect with us to explore the possibilities that Jules can offer your group!

The Truth in Healing: 45 minutes, Appropriate for Key Note
Many conferences, symposiums, seminars, and trainings focus on Trauma Informed Care and Healing. Juli Alvarado’s Key Notes address the root-level dynamics that affect personal and professional well-being: Why aren’t I motivated sufficiently to make necessary personal changes? How can I find this motivation? How does my own life trauma affect my capacity to receive, honor, and serve the trauma of my clients? How does my inner-matrix relate to my capacity to serve others? How does self-care relate to my role within my organization? How can I, and my organization, become more compassionate, supportive, and effective in serving others?
Treating Trauma at the Intersection of Science and Spirit
Using a unified approach for addressing developmental trauma, Jules work includes the latest neuroscientific and psychosomatic findings, integrated with mindfulness and ancient wisdom. Jules explores the spiritual dimension of trauma and attachment. The courageous struggle with traumatic experience, life-denying effects of trauma and its presence in our body/brain/spirit, along with the gifts that lie within the healing process will be covered. We will look at the force of energies that trauma brings, and how to harness the energies for healing at every level.
From Rejection to Connection to Direction
Move your group from Chaos to Calm; Learn about an alternative view to traditional diagnosis and treatment of wounded populations as you gather invaluable insight about new formations to the direction of healing of trauma . ‘Information gathering’ is a process that all traumatized people utilize as they attempt to make sense of a dangerous would. This is a process in which wounded people learn to use what is most readily available to them – their behavior – to test, push and challenge unfamiliar people and environments that have entered their lives. In this Key Note we will explore new directions in responding to our traumatized clients that bring increased emotional regulation and decreased problematic behaviors through targeted brain based, simple and highly effective interventions.
Neuroscience Made Simple
Combining her personal experience as a foster and adoptive mom, and a trauma therapist, this key note is perfect for parent groups and family members of traumatized people. Jules provides an overview of trauma, its impact on social, emotional and behavioral presentations, explains what it takes to be trauma-informed, and provides 3 specific strategies for responding to trauma in the therapy office, hospital unit, classroom or home.


Simply Healing Retreats for Women
Simply Healing Support Groups for Women

These Programs Are Also Available

  • Effective strategies for severe behaviors.
  • Neuroscience Made Simple – Brain Based Interventions for clients of Trauma
  • Compassionate Classrooms and Institutional Settings: Creating the trauma-informed school or residential setting
  • Identification of Traumatized Kids: In therapy and in school
  • The Trauma Informed Parent-For foster and adoptive parents
  • Healing the Healers; A mindful response to secondary trauma
  • Servant Leadership: Trauma-Informed Leadership

Are you looking for someone to speak to your group about healing from Trauma and Trauma Informed Care?

Making the transformation to a Trauma Informed Care environment requires a change of process, people and systems throughout your group.

As a survivor, Juli Alvarado speaks from experience about the childhood recovery process.

As a licensed therapist, trained in integrative trauma healing, and with a strong background in program management, Juli explores with you how a survivor’s journey is enhanced by organizational programs, procedures and legislative advocacy.

The trauma informed agency initiates policies, procedures and practices that identify, incorporate and remain sensitive to trauma history, symptoms, strengths and ability of staff and clients to cope with overwhelming emotion.

It is now an expectation, not an exception, that the trauma informed program recognizes and supports the experience of stress not only for the client, but also for those called to serve.

Helping organizations and individuals develop and provide Emotional Regulatory Healing as a Trauma Informed response is our goal.

We simplify recent research in neuroscience and help you to create non-intrusive means for creating an environment of safety, healing and empowerment that ultimately assists the client and your staff in making sense of their experience and move toward healing.

We will help you operationalize a plan for delivering trauma informed care, support you as you address your board and leadership for buy-in, provide workforce training and increase community awareness.

“Juli!!! She’s so awesome. Every time I learn or am reminded of something great.”

“Very educational. Very healthy & positive. 100% on point for what I do.”

“Story telling -gave it a reality to the knowledge. Awesome.”

“Very informative. Information was well delivered.”

“Very informative. Puts trauma into a whole new perspective.”

“Enlightening, refreshing & always true & informative. Love her training.”

“The presenter’s humility, compassion and breadth of her knowledge was well communicated.”

“It was so nice to finally get some understanding of why kids do what they do.”

“Informative, empowered me to helping families.”

“Practical teaching -extremely informative.”

“Comes from a place of peace and love.”

“Engaged trainer, knowledgeable and helpful! Inspiring!”

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At Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group we create unique trauma informed care training programs to fit your unique needs.