A Master Class with Jules

February 8, 2024 from 10 am to noon

Why come sit with me and explore your own level of emotional regulation? Because, we all want to feel better!

And, because recently our world, our homes, relationships, families and our work can feel very very very heavy.

You don’t have a nervous system, …YOU ARE A NERVOUS SYSTEM.

And your nervous system is involved in every aspect of your life. It is through the nervous system that we come alive.


The only eternally safe space, is within you. Let’s create that safe space together and open it up wide!

What is Emotional Regulation Anyway?

Shaking off the heavy to make room for the light

Interoception as a Practice for Life

3 daily practices that will help me sustain emotional regulation during times of stress

Regulate! 1.5 Hour Master Class with Jules

The human nervous system is always seeking four things:

✧ Balance ✧ Safety ✧ Connection ✧ Homeostasis

In our New World, we are often left in isolation as we work remotely and have little opportunity for healing through relationship as we have in the past.

The stories of pain and suffering, grief and loss, hardship and struggle that you listen to every day, all day add up. They add up IN you. They fill your day, and your nights. You carry them. For years. And years.

This Vicarious Trauma, along with the collective trauma, ancestral, generational traumas and Secondary Traumas that we all carry is a heavy load.

We are just now beginning to put language to the shared experiences we have. We are just now beginning to understand that trauma is stored deep in the body and talking about it often leaves us feeling worse. Come sit with me and learn why this is, and what we can do differently.

Emotional Regulatory Healing arrives at the intersection of ancient healing wisdom and the most recent research in neurobiology and attachment.

Coming into self-mastery through the emotional regulatory system doesn’t require us to have dominance or to live in forms of control that do not serve us, others, or the world. When I think about what it is to have an undefended heart, which is one of my intentions for my life, I see it as living through a nervous system that knows how to risk opening because it is anchored in resiliency.

How do we anchor into this neuro-resiliency that allows us to meet each wave of life as it arises? Come sit with me and learn how. From this level of mastery with your emotional regulatory system and neuro-resiliency, you don’t have to be braced against life waiting for the other shoe to drop or the next very difficult case to take you down. You don’t have to live in fear of the fear and woundedness of others. Because in mastery, you know how to listen to what the nervous system is revealing. And in this neuro-resiliency, you know how to arrive at a connection with yourself, at all times.

The only eternally safe space, is within you. Let’s create that safe space together and open it up wide!

Regulate! 1.5 Hour Master Class with Jules

This is a Master Class for those who serve others and are open to being served; for those who are curious about feeling better and willing to practice in order to benefit; and for those who are feeling a call to something bigger than the pain and are ready to step into healing.

This is an experiential workshop in which everybody participates through process, breakouts and sharing as they choose, but never forced.

You must register to attend at this link:

Once you are registered you will receive confirmation, and then a reminder the day prior to our time together.

It would be my honor to sit with you,