Secondary Trauma and Staff Retention Support

The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group is offering Secondary Trauma and Staff Retention Support throughout 2023.

It takes courage to help victims of abuse, to assist survivors of acts of physical, sexual, verbal and emotional atrocities perpetrated by those who are expected to care. It can take all we have to hold space for the trauma manifestations that explode around us, the mass violence in response to violence, and to give all we have to bring peace and safety to those who may not yet, be capable of receiving.

And all while facing a global pandemic, social and political unrest, racial inequality and a sense of divisiveness in our society that is tearing down the very fabric of our foundation each day that we come to work, and each day of our lives. It also takes a unique commitment to keep doing this work despite the personal, physical, emotional, and mental impact it can have.

We are here to help.

The Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Trauma Program that we offer was developed on the premise that exposure to the traumatic experiences of other people—known as secondary trauma—is an inevitable occupational challenge for the field of victim services. However, we believe, and we have seen that organizations can successfully mitigate the potentially negative effects of trauma exposure by becoming both trauma and secondary trauma-informed.

If we are to increase effectiveness, resiliency, and retention, we must, now, not later, move to integrate a program of well-being for our staff and leadership that provides a deep commitment to their health first.

The healthier our staff, the healthier our clients.

The Alvarado Group has been successfully serving Child Welfare clients, internationally, for more than three decades. Our provision of services is offered through webinarson-site and virtual trainingsone on one and group coachingpractical tools and printed resources tailored specifically to the field of child welfare that provide the knowledge and skills necessary for organizations to integrate a Trauma Informed Paradigm of healing and to address the secondary trauma needs of their staff and retention challenges.

By way of introduction to our Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Trauma Relief support services, please take a few moments to review these 3 very short training videos (6 minutes each) and to share them with your teams.

You will come away with 3 powerful practices of self regulation.


For individualized creation of support for your organization, email and please include 3 time slots of 30 minutes that you can be available for a consultation call. We will contact you to confirm a time and work with you to build the unique experience of staff support that you are looking for in your organization.

Full Day Virtual Training:
Secondary Trauma Relief for Social Work Staff: a full day of support and training

with Jules Alvarado
9am-3pm MT : 11:30-12:30 lunch and two breaks built in

Over 2023 we will offer full day trainings in Mindful and Trauma Informed Care, with a focus on Secondary Trauma relief and Staff Well-Being.

To register for our full-day virtual Zoom training, please click the button below.

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