Coaching and Energy Healing

Coaching is an intense but gentle hour of personalized, individualized support by Jules.

For the client ready to dive in, dig deep and transform fear to love, pain to release, and control to surrender.

If you are done living a life that is unfulfilling, lacking in connection and based in fear you are a candidate for coaching with Jules.

If you are ready to write a new chapter; to stop blaming others for your plot in life and if you are willing to feel all that it takes to change, Jules is waiting to serve you.

Coaching provides a platform from which you commit to you, finally to you first. Clearing old, toxic patterns and beliefs you will make room for the energy needed to propel you into new space. Jules uses assessment tools, energy healing, structured time and open process in order to help you take a deep look at you, your patterns, where your energy is blocked and what old beliefs no longer serve you. Only in acknowledging what you don’t want, grieving and letting go, can you make room to create what you do want.

Hey Jules. There was a story about me in the Chicago Tribune today. This would never have happened without your help. Thanks!


Energy Healing takes place in person with Jules or by phone at the convenience of your location.

Jules works from a highly intuitive space connecting with you on many levels, quickly. She first recognized this gift of deep connection early in her childhood and has worked with powerful healers and teachers over the past 20 years to become a master energy healing practitioner.

Jules utilizes a holistic practice that activates the bodies subtle energy system to remove blocks. By moving through these energetic blocks the client is able to connect to the divine truth within. When talking doesn’t work, we move to energy healing. Through this process, the client is often able to see truths about herself that she has never consciously seen or known before. From this place of truth, an awakening begins to take place allowing for a more authentic and fulfilling life. This is a powerful and often very quick process of healing and transformation.

I want to thank you for such an amazing and healing experience on Wednesday!
I slept all night-unheard of. I feel so blessed to have this connection.

Laurie Hall