Simply Healing Life Coaching

This is not your traditional Life Coaching because Jules is not a traditional Coach.
This is a powerful, moving, emotional and compelling hour of coaching from the very first connection that you share with Jules.

Through her intuitive and intellectual guidance, you will connect with your Emotional Guidance System, EGS,
Your EGS  is always directing you toward your greatest good, toward that which is satisfying and fulfilling.

When you learn about and begin to connect with your own EGS through a Simple, Clear and Transformative process, the responses will lead you in the direction of fulfillment, every time.

Stress in this lifetime is not the problem. 
Your history of trauma and abuse is not the problem. 
Your current reality is not the problem.

How you respond to them is the problem.

Through Simply Healing Coaching you will discover a new set of truths about your thoughts, your feelings, and your behaviors and begin to change them.
You are ready. Jules will take your hand.

The Courage it took for you to land here is big.
The Reward for moving forward is bigger.

I am eagerly waiting to meet you and know that I will, at the right time, in the right place and for the right reason.