Welcome to Simply Healing Retreats

Where you are gently, yet clearly, guided into a space of tranquil, safe, and deep inquiry of self  and partner.

If you are tired, burnt out, desperately need a break; if you are feeling overwhelmed at home or at work; if your relationships have become dull and full of tension; if you struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma or attachment challenges as an adult, Simply Healing Retreats are for you.

With a maximum of 8 women or 5 couples Simply Healing Retreats are not the typical ‘barely scratch the surface’ retreats. This is a time of intimate and deep dive work; individual time with Jules Alvarado, time for reflection, meditation, yoga and journaling in response to experiential and profoundly transformative exercises that are inward bound.

It is time to stop, to gaze deeply and to use curiosity and wonder as you move from doubt to trust, and fear to love. We will show you the way.

The care and keeping of you is now being called forth.

In the Tao tradition, Simply Healing provides the opportunity to quiet the mind, calm the spirit and bring gentleness to the body. We do not strive to go anywhere during Simply Healing: instead, we focus all of our energy toward transforming each present moment in the here and now.

Using the wisdom of the Ennegram to support each participant in moving to a deeper understanding of their fundamental self,  as well as Emotionally Focused Couples Work showing partners new, effective ways to regain control of the chaos, to reconnect, reduce conflict immediately, and to help relationships move into an open embrace that reflects the secure, loving bond for which we all long, Simply Healing will leave you with a sense of self and connection that you have never experienced.

When we lack the internal skill to manage our emotional states we are forced to look outside for comfort. As we develop ourselves beyond our current state, we learn to master our emotions and find a deeper, more fulfilling relationship to self and others.

Simply Healing offers an antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough.

Trauma informed, attachment focused, spiritually connected, direct, honest, and restorative, Simply Healing will show you how to release the layers of protection that you have been carrying for so long, in order that you might reclaim your authentic self.

A quiet mind, calm body and tranquil spirit is the outcome of Simply Healing Retreats.

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I have been to 4 Simply Healing Retreats and will return annually. Why? Because I leave each one feeling better about me, my life and my family. I work in a field that could easily pull me into toxic patterns so I have to be mindful about self-care. The circle of women I connect with and the environment that Juli provides is absolutely healing and amazing. Thank you, Juli!

Shawna Deidrech, MN