Survivor Guidance: A safe place for survivors to move along the path of healing

survivor-guidanceDo you feel called to take the next step toward letting go of the past and creating your new life?

Is it time to take your therapy to the next level with a coach who can help you find where you are “stuck”?

Would you like to consult with a trauma survivor who has used her own awareness to thrive in life, love, family and relationship?

As a survivor, I understand how hard it is to step out of the darkness and bring light to the shadows that still haunt us.

I can support you in practicing daily awareness strategies that are essential to revealing faulty belief systems that keep you from moving forward.

Together we heal.

Here’s how it works:

We begin to explore your inner matrix; your mind/body/spirit foundation. Through detailed reflective tools and discussions, we will dive into your current state of recovery, the places where you feel most affected by your trauma, and the areas you are most interested in sparking improvement.

I will work directly with you and teach you how you can develop yourself beyond your current state. It is your internal state of being that creates the life you live. We will work to let go of the old patterns and set intentions to unveil the path to the life you would like to lead.

We will also create a series of actions toward self-awareness that can help bring about recovery where it has appeared immovable in the past. Through these steps, we will work through the traumatic experiences that hold you back from the ultimate, peaceful self that is waiting to emerge.

Through 5 weekly calls we will explore the following:

1) How your past trauma is impacting your current life, love, family and relationships.

2) We will begin the conversation with your inner child and other separated and protected, or protective parts.

3) We will increase awareness of the traumatic patterns in your life.

4) We will create a new vision for how you would like to live.

5) We will develop a series of actions for releasing the past and its hold over you as you set tangible new patterns in place.

As you commit to the process of recovery you will spend time each week, between our sessions, in reflection and awareness building meditation; as well as complete written work on your own behalf.

If you are still reading this, you are here for a reason; you are ready.

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