From Chaos to Calm~ Mindful and Trauma Informed Care Training

This 4-part training program is offered by Jules Alvarado herself.

At the intersection of the most recent research in neuroscience and ancient healing wisdom we find vital keys for transforming past trauma into the opportunity for healing.

Jules is on a mission to reach as many people as she can offering an effective, simple method of making the transition from chaos to calm. A full day live with Jules Alvarado costs $1000's, now you can have the live, full lecture for only a fraction of that.

Jules believes that serving as a conduit to healing is her reason for being here.

Making the transformation to a Trauma Informed Care environment requires change of process, people and systems throughout your group.

As a survivor Jules Alvarado speaks from experience about the childhood recovery process.

As a licensed therapist, trained in integrative trauma healing, energy healing, and with a strong background in program development and management, Jules explores with you how a survivor’s journey is enhanced by organizational programs, procedures and legislative advocacy.

The trauma informed agency initiates policies, procedures and practices that identify, incorporate and remain sensitive to trauma history, symptoms, strengths and ability of staff and clients to cope with overwhelming emotion.

It is now an expectation, not an exception, that the trauma informed program recognizes and supports the experience of stress not only for the client, but also for those called to serve.

Helping educational, child welfare, mental health and juvenile justice organizations and individuals develop and provide Emotional Regulatory Healing as a Trauma Informed response is our goal.

We simplify recent research in neuroscience and help you to create non-intrusive means for creating an environment of safety, healing and empowerment that ultimately assists the client and your staff in making sense of their experience and move toward healing.

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Books by Jules Alvarado

Taking It Home: A Survival Tool Kit for Parents

Taking It Home

$12 .00

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A survival toolkit for parents and professionals working with problematic behaviors. Lying, aggression, homework, defiance, stealing, bedtime struggles and more. Based on ERH, this 33 page handbook provides the simplified integration of neuroscientific research in trauma, emotional healing and practical steps to respond to these troubling characteristics in our vulnerable children. A must have for all parents and providers.

$10 .00 eBook Version

(The eBook version is delivered as a PDF file.)

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The Quest for Peace in a Broken World

The Quest for Peace in a Broken World

$20 .00

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Our lives are full of trauma and turmoil. The loss of a loved one, end of a relationship, aging parents and just an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life keep us linked to anxiety, anger, regret and fear. A quiet mind, calm body and gentle spirit await you. In Juli Alvarado’s new book, she takes you on a 100 day journey back to peace patiently waiting just underneath the surface and a pathway to your natural state of supreme love.

From Chaos to Calm: A Healing Guide

From Chaos to Calm Healing Guide

$99 .00

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A mindful approach to trauma informed care through Emotional Regulatory Healing. Complete with the power point slides from Juli’s full day training along with 20 years of research and practice, this 80 page guide was created to enhance your ability to practice and teach trauma informed care. Built into the guide are exercises designed to enhance our learning through experiential process. A critical tool for parents and professionals.

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