Providing Trauma Informed Care,
Secondary Trauma Relief and
Employee Well-Being Courses

What you will learn:

  • Define Trauma and Trauma Informed Service Delivery
  • Understand the whole brain/body/spirit​ impact of trauma
  • Simple, effective, mindfully based and trauma informed strategies for calming the brain/body in the midst of stress
  • Describe and understand principal tenants of Trauma Informed Care
  • Understand the means for mitigating secondary traumatic stress in the workplace
  • Understand the ACES, adverse childhood experiences survey and how to best utilize this as client/staff support
  • Learn to respond to trauma behaviors effectively  while remaining emotionally regulated yourself

At the Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group we offer far more than traditional trauma informed care; we dive deep into Healing Informed Care and Employee Well-being that does more than offer days off to rest.

In each of our products and live workshops we explore the topic of emotional and psychological trauma and how to provide caring, compassionate, and empathetic services that are mindful, whole brain/body and trauma-informed.
Trauma affects people of every race, age, ethnicity, and socioeconomic level.
Trauma can be a single isolated event or a series of events.

A traumatic experience involves some type of a threat to one’s physical or emotional well-being and can bring out feelings of terror, helplessness, and lack of control and power.Traumatic experiences touch us to the soul. Trauma can impact and alter an individual’s perception of themselves, their world, and the people around them and can disrupt the victim’s biological, cognitive, and emotional functioning as well as their identity, relationships, and social interactions.

As service providers, it is imperative that we implement care and services that follow the tenets and principles of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC), and simultaneously provide care for the staff who care for others. Everything that we teach through Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH, provides a parallel process of healing for staff and client alike.

In each of our courses, you will learn about several principles and tenets of TIC. You will be challenged and inspired to provide the best care possible to those who have been affected by the ravages of traumatic experiences and you will be inspired toward your own healing journey as well.

Who these courses are for:

Anyone interested in understanding the short and long-term effects of emotional and psychological trauma, and how to effectively respond:
Social Workers, Educators, Counselors and Psychotherapists, First Responders, Foster and Adoptive Parents, Leadership of staff who serve others, Call Centers, and Leaders of workplace environments where stress impacts performance, moral and employee well-being.

From Chaos to Calm~ Mindful and Trauma Informed Care Training

​Four Hour Training: This 4-part training program offers the most recent research in neuroscience, and ancient healing wisdom as we find vital keys for transforming past trauma into the opportunity for healing. Available in either video or audio format.

From Chaos to Calm~ A Written Healing Guide in Mindful and Trauma Informed Care​

A 100 page written guide to practicing and teaching mindful and trauma informed care through Emotional Regulatory Healing. Complete with the power point slides from our full day training along with 25 years of research and practice. This 100+ page guide was created to enhance your ability to practice and teach trauma informed care.

Emotional Regulatory Healing: Strategies for Increasing Emotional Regulation and Staff Well-Being

Three 6 minute e-Learning Videos: These 3 brief, highly engaging e-Learning videos offer Mindful and Trauma Informed Specific Strategies that Increase Emotional Regulation Immediately

Taking it Home: A Parent Support Pamphlet

Digital Download: A survival toolkit for parents and professionals working with problematic behaviors. Lying, aggression, homework, defiance, stealing, bedtime struggles and more.

The Quest for Peace

A book: A quiet mind, calm body and gentle spirit await you. In Juli Alvarado’s first book she takes you on a 100 day journey back to peace patiently waiting just underneath the surface and a pathway to your natural state of supreme love.

I own a small foster care agency in Colorado called Courage Community Foster Care.  It’s important to me that the children in our care have the most supportive and loving experience possible.  Part of my job description is ensuring that my foster parents have the education and framework they need in order to successfully parent our (sometimes very challenging) children.  I have been following Juli Alvarado for over a decade now.  She embodies everything that I believe about trauma and stress and how it expresses itself through behavior.

Juli speaks from the heart, and is the most genuine lecturer/teacher/therapist I know.  When Juli advertised her online training program, I bought it immediately and devoured the entire thing in two days.  Even though cognitively, I already understand what she teaches, hearing her speak it with her level of passion made all of the information resonate more deeply.  I was so impressed that I purchased programs for each of the foster families in my ‘tribe’.  I don’t have the expertise or skill in speaking that Juli does, so gifting this to my foster families made it possible for me to ensure that they know everything I NEED them to know about trauma.  Every minute spent watching Juli is a minute well spent.  This knowledge translates into stability for our children and, like Juli says, “a soft place for them to land”.  I want all of my foster parents to be able to speak the language of Juli Alvarado- kindness, self awareness, and an understanding about the intersection of mind, body and spirit.
Kerri Hankin, MSW

Executive Director, Courage Community Foster Care

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