You are divinely created. You are powerful. You are perfect.

When you read those words do they resonate?

Or do they invite a sigh of exhaustion, self-judgement and doubt?

If you don’t yet love and honor every cell of yourself, if you could use more peace, joy and fun in your life, if you struggle to live in your truth, to own your power and passion then it is time for an inner revolution.

It is time for Simply Healing.

The care and keeping of you is now being called forth.

Many of us fall into the habit of putting others before ourselves – partners, friends, family, children, our boss and even neighbors. We find capacity to move mountains to accomplish things for our loved ones, but are left with a hole in our spirit, lonely for connection and longing to be heard.  Life’s emotional traumas feel heavy.

Some of us experience life as overwhelming, frantic and have come to merely exist from day to day with little joy. We wonder, is this it? Is this all there is?

If you have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder, grief or loss you may feel annihilated by your life; perhaps you judge yourself for falling short of the expectations of others. You may not have anyone in your circle who can hold you close, and you are likely your own worst critic rather than your own best friend.

Are you a survivor looking for guidance? Survivors can create the same beautiful life experiences, accomplishments and fulfilled dreams as others.

Yet sometimes, we get stuck in our traumatic world and can’t seem to find freedom. Our particular journey is to find those places within us where we are holding ourselves back, where we are scared to let go of the old. As we work with those places, we can allow our lives to become more than we expected or thought was possible.

When we lack the internal skill to manage our emotional states we are forced to look outside for comfort. As we develop ourselves beyond our current state, we learn to master our emotions and find a deeper, more fulfilling relationship to self and others.

Simply Healing offers an antidote to the flawed idea that you are not enough.

Trauma informed, direct, honest, and intense, Simply Healing will show you how to release the layers of protection that you have been carrying for so long, in order that you might finally see your authentic self.

A quiet mind, calm body and tranquil spirit is the outcome of Simply Healing.

For several years I have benefited from Juli’s coaching services and simply healing retreats, and describe both as life transforming. She is a gifted and patient healer in every sense of the word, using tools of compassion, love and patience. Her approach of sharing wisdom and guidance as opposed to dispensing advice allows her clients to pave their personal paths to healing. With her I have been able to discover the depth of my true self and live a consistently peaceful journey. Truly magical. Mary Dahl

Simply Healing Groups

Simply Healing Groups

If you are wondering, exploring and searching; if you know that there is something more out here for you, this group awaits your arrival.

Simply Healing Coaching

Simply Healing Coaching

Coaching provides a platform from which you commit to you, finally to you first. Clearing old, toxic patterns and beliefs you will make room for the energy needed to propel you into new space.

Simply Healing Retreats

Simply Healing Retreats

During these 2 days, you will have the opportunity to move into your own center, slow down, open your attention gate and, ultimately, return to the world having retained something sacred for yourself.

Survivor Guidance

Survivor Guidance

As a survivor, I understand how hard it is to step out of the darkness and bring light to the shadows that still haunt us. I can support you in practicing daily awareness strategies that are essential to revealing faulty belief systems that keep you from moving forward.