Jules invites you to answer your deepest calling to wake up to your true self. For the past 25 years, Jules has been working with all kinds of people, who have been deeply touched by her work. She meets each person exactly where they are at, and in whatever they need at the time, while at the same time holding them in the truth of who they really are beyond it all. This combination, and paradox, of the personal and impersonal, brings so much depth, openness and healing to people’s lives. They wake up to who they really are, and discover how this is lived and integrated into their daily lives.

You know it, you long, you ache, you sense that there is something more, something deeper, a connection to the universe, to self and others not yet experienced. You have known for ages that the human condition and human experience is but a part of the spiritual being you are.

Our lives are filled with emotional tunnels; the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, aging, illness, disappointment or an ongoing sense of dissatisfaction with life.

Simply Healing honors these darkest nights of fragility and vulnerability as periods of incubation and positive opportunity to dive into the soul’s deepest needs where healing begins.

Simply Healing is Jules Alvarado signature response to the wounds survived in this physical lifetime. Believing that each and every experience is a time of transition, an occasion through which we may restore and rejuvenate; from which we may discover transformational rites of passage, and from which we may rise more aware, more conscious and more prepared to use our story as the conduit for others healing, Jules gently guides you through.

Simply Healing supports the release of trauma, stress, anxiety, adult attachment challenge, relationship struggles and perpetuates the journey inward bound as we come to know our true self.


For several years I have benefited from Juli’s coaching services and simply healing retreats, and describe both as life transforming. She is a gifted and patient healer in every sense of the word, using tools of compassion, love and patience. Her approach of sharing wisdom and guidance as opposed to dispensing advice allows her clients to pave their personal paths to healing. With her I have been able to discover the depth of my true self and live a consistently peaceful journey. Truly magical.

Mary Dahl

The deep and intimate work of Simply Healing with Jules Alvarado happens through
Energy Healing and
Retreat Work.

Simply Healing Groups

Simply Healing Groups

If you are wondering, exploring and searching; if you know that there is something more out here for you, this group awaits your arrival.

Simply Healing Coaching

Simply Healing Coaching

Simply Healing Coaching provides you with a deep dive into the questions that matter~
If your life in one year looks like it does today, would that be satisfying?
If not you can begin to make the changes today that will result in the future that you desire.
Simply Healing Retreats

Simply Healing Retreats

During these 2 days, you will have the opportunity to move into your own center, slow down, open your attention gate and, ultimately, return to the world having retained something sacred for yourself.

Survivor Guidance

Survivor Guidance

As a survivor, I understand how hard it is to step out of the darkness and bring light to the shadows that still haunt us. I can support you in practicing daily awareness strategies that are essential to revealing faulty belief systems that keep you from moving forward.