“In addition to purchasing your Trauma Informed Care and Secondary Trauma consultation and training services for several years when with Heartland for Children as the Chief Operating Officer, I have recently entered into an agreement with Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group in my current position as Assistant Executive Director with Devereux Florida.
As a speaker, Juli is truly captivating. Her truth resonates with many, which opens the doors for learning to begin. We all want to do this work better, and her presentation of research coupled with wisdom of old is done so in a way that creates an energy to heal and an understanding of where to begin.
As a consulting organization, Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group asks the right questions whether the consultation be about an individual, family or organization that allows for the right issues to be addressed. They offer new truths about old problems based in years of experience, research, and a reflection of what has not worked time after time. Through these services Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group helps you to keep a laser focus on the parallel process of trauma and healing.
Our current project involves the opening of new psychiatric residential treatment facility that will begin and remain a restraint free campus. I could think of no better partner than Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group.
With regard to why I continue to choose Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, it is simple. They change lives, they change organizations, and they change communities. Toni Arcain says where there is breath there is hope. I have come to see this agency as the breath that creates hope.
As an administrator of an organization that provides a continuum of services from prevention to a children’s psychiatric hospital, the healing paradigm I have learned through Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group is applied daily to my work with staff, parents and children, and has truly made me a more effective leader.”
-Eva Horner
Assistant Executive Director
Devereux Florida