Sometimes no matter how much work we do on ourselves, or how many spiritual books we read, or how diligently we practice yoga and meditation (all good things!)
what our heart, mind, and spirit really need – indeed what they are aching for – is an experience that takes us out of our daily life and shifts everything.
We don’t only practice the principle of healing and mindfulness, we absorb it into our being. We let it seep into our consciousness, it fill us up, and changes us from the inside out.

This is an opportunity to have that experience.

At the Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group, we get it.  Trauma, grief and loss change the way we experience life.

Our lives are filled with emotional turmoil; the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, aging and illness, career disappointments and the benign trauma that we have numbed ourselves to.

Foster and adoptive families are learning that traditional parenting paradigms are less than effective and returning combat veterans are navigating reentry to civilian life with little support.

Many of us are experiencing an underlying and ongoing dissatisfaction with life and have no understanding as to why.

Most of society views our struggles in clinical terms and sees our burdens as hurdles that we must learn to overcome quickly.

Through our practice at the Alvarado Group we honor these fragile times as periods of incubation and opportunity to dwell in the soul’s  deepest needs.

We will gently direct you toward mindful awareness and decision making from the deepest sense of who you are. We will help you rediscover the meaning, purpose and beauty in your life.

Crisis Ignites Evolution. It is often the individual or family in crisis who picks up the phone to call. We will answer.

Through Emotional Regulatory Healing we offer a unique approach that allows you to bring your body/mind/spirit together in the process of restoration.  We see the need for healing unresolved wounding and grief based in new models of integrative regulation.

We provide distance coaching and home-based, intensive interventions around the world, and local, office based therapy in Golden, Colorado.