elementary school teacher and student high five

Teachers are taught to teach. They are not social workers or therapists.

Yet, one out of every four children attending school has been exposed to a traumatic event which impacts everyone in the classroom. Our educators are called to respond to these children in a way that brings not only higher test scores but also improved social and emotional functioning.

Trauma impacts school performance, learning, behaviors and peer experiences.

Building a trauma sensitive school environment is an evolving and creative process that has the power to change the life of everyone involved. We can help you operationalize a simple plan for delivering trauma informed support, provide teacher training and increase community awareness. We provide training on site targeted at supporting staff and implementation that is team focused with sustainable outcomes.

The outcome of our training programs can help you

  • Improve the quality and impact of teaching as well as raise test scores
  • Increase physical, emotional and psychological safety for students and staff
  • Reduce student absenteeism
  • Increase staff and student engagement in the learning process

We help educators and administration learn to manage their stress and utilize effective responses to behavioral challenges in the classroom through the following training programs:

  • Compassionate Classrooms: Creating the Trauma Informed School in Five Easy Steps
  • Effective Strategies for Severe Behaviors in the Classroom
  • The Trauma Sensitive and Mindful Classroom
  • The Trauma Informed Educator