A simpler way

What if all of this global crisis is actually an opportunity for global transformation?

What if  Emotional Regulatory Healing, ERH,

our global,


attachment focused and

mindfully taught paradigm

for transformation could become an effective FEEL GOOD move toward healing for our world!?

THAT has always been my goal.

Developing the capacity for empathy in the midst of the fight; developing resilience in the midst of the chaos and developing the skills to remain emotionally regulated amongst the most dysregulated is our goal. And with the right training and support is an attainable, global goal.

Increasing employee and client satisfaction, decreasing recidivism and turnover; fewer sick days and medical bills connected to stress; and sustaining work and living environments conducive to healthy living is the goal.

Environmental, cultural, political, organizational and financial crises make headlines daily.

Police officers killed in the line of duty overnight.

Neo-Nazis planning a rally. Free speech walks planned.

Children separated from families both domestically and at the border, and DACA continues to hang in the midst.

Funerals held in Indiana for a child who suicides which triggers the grief and loss of a beloved community member not even a year ago in the same community.

The hatred spewed all over the Internet, TV, and throughout our world today.

Organizations paying out millions in lawsuits due to unprepared and uninformed employees.

Friendships and families are torn apart over political, social, philosophical and real issues.

We have been socialized into the belief that the more we have, the harder we work, the faster we run the happier we will be. And, of course, that we must be right.

We have been indoctrinated with the false beliefs that if others do not believe, live, love, worship and vote in the same way that we do, that WE must be right and THEY must be wrong.

But as we look into our increasingly volatile world today it is clear that these beliefs are failing both the people and our planet.

In the recent call to global consciousness, there is a search for a new story by which to live.

Are we the generations today, living between stories?

Are we desperately clinging to the events of yesterday that create who we believe we are today, yet fearing an uncertain future?

Or is the new story already within each of us waiting for us to live it into existence?

Sitting with an individual client yesterday recounting life based on the stories of his past and the future that feels futile, and seeing within him limitless potential that he could not yet see in himself reminded me of the possibility that I too, at times, forget my limitless potential, and you too, caught up in the external chaos of your lives, forget your limitless potential for peace that leads to a very different kind of prosperity.

Spending a full day onsite with an organizational client and bearing witness to the desperate need of employees to be heard, understood, responded to and supported reminds me that underneath skin color, religious or political affiliation, nationality, and sexuality we are all the same.

Finally, at least for this week, helping our new generation of teachers who shared with me their witnessing an experienced teacher restrain a very young, small autistic child under the full weight of the teacher during a state of dysregulation: and knowing with everything in them that this is not the way; yet not knowing what else to do continues to fuel my fire to teach ERH into our world as we all long for a return to peace.

Will you step into the fire with me?

Today, one minute and one breath at a time, you and I can ‘choose’ a return to love, a return to grace, a return to compassion, a return to acceptance, and a return to peace.

If we do not find peace in each moment of our day first, if we do not return to acceptance in a state of grace, if we cannot learn to speak about our differences and advocate for our beliefs in a peaceful and calm way, each of us, everyone of us, you and I every day, then our world will continue to disintegrate.

This is true at the highest level of organizational administrators, between parents and family members, staff and their supervisors, and at rallies being held around the globe.

If we continue to expect other people to change in order to make our lives feel better yet we are not willing to change ourselves, the story that has failed us will continue to fail us.

Perhaps all of this crisis is an opportunity to turn inward this time instead of outward.

To take hold of our internal landscape and clean that up before we can expect to clean up any external landscape;  to learn to manage our own emotional states before expecting others to do the same.

At any second in time, we can learn to grab hold of the power of our mind and make the transition from fear to love from which a very different response will emanate toward self and others.

We cannot produce an answer until we understand the problem completely.

And we are each part of the problem ~

Trauma Informed Care in our schools, child welfare, juvenile justice faith-based and communities at large is vital, yes; but we live in a traumatized world.

Trauma-Informed Living is the key to return to balance.

Today I am finding gratitude for the lessons we can learn during the darkest nights of the soul.

ERH is being taught and integrated around the world. Through servant leadership in the largest, global organizations to small foster care agencies; in juvenile justice and educational systems and in families and communities at large ERH offers a path out of the dark and into the light of healing relationship at home, and in the office.

At the intersection of the most recent research in epigenetic‘s and neuroscience, along with the ancient mysteries in healing, ERH Responds to the call for immediate transformation AND sustainable change.

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Big Love friends~ Jules