“It is my pleasure to write a letter of support on behalf of Pueblo County Department of Social Services for Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group. We have used them in a variety of ditferent ways, to include consultation around adoption issues, coaching, and support for our staff around secondary trauma issues. The work that was done with our staff around significant secondary trauma issues, especially given the emotional state that our workers were in, was nothing short of amazing.
The Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group was known to us, and to me speciflcally, as an organization that did great work with professionals around very difficult issues relating to trauma I personally saw them work through issues with families who had adopted with great success when it appeared that the families were on the verge of splitting, so it was natural that it would think they could apply that type of sensitivity and professionalism to working with the caseworkers here in Pueblo after a very difficult tragedy happened that affected all of us. Juli responded very quickly and worked with us to get an initial idea of the work required and was very upfront about what this \Mork would entail. Within a few weeks, she came to Pueblo to connect with our statf and we couldn’t be more pleased. lssues that had been suppressed within many of the workers here surfaced and we were able to make a plan to deal with them. Without the intervention of Juli and her statf, I sincerely doubt that the issues present here would have been acknowledged, much less worked on. The empathy that she demonstrated and her ability to create safe space was without equal in my opinion, and after a very short time there was incredibly hard therapeutic work that was done. To our surprise, Juli made herself available privately to those that had participated via phone and said that she was available for support, which was crucial to our ability to decompress after very raw feelings were expressed.

Pueblo County could not be happier with the services provided and would highly recommend that any organization employ Alvarado Consulting and Treatment Group for secondary trauma needs, whether that be for clients or staff. I can’t stress enough how impressed we were with the professionalism and sensitivity that Juli demonstrated in her work with us. ”

-Lee Hodge

Child Welfare Program Administrator

Pueblo County Department of Social Services