Everything is a choice; how you dress, act, eat, move, love, worship, live.

Happiness and wellbeing are a choice, your choice. When something happens that makes you feel bad you have a choice to either let it ruin your day (or even life) or to take a deep breath and let it go.

I do not condone looking the other way when someone is being hurt or mistreated; but I do encourage you to consider whether responding from a place of compassion and understanding vs reacting in rage or anger is best for your wellbeing, and theirs.

Choosing to respond instead of react allows you to maintain your composure, think clearly and to expand your lens of understanding, outside of your own. Reacting from a place of anger puts you in the position of victim, and you do that to yourself….

So, the next time something upsets you at work or home, zoom out, expand your lens. Do not allow the actions or emotions of others to become yours.

Mindful living requires that we are conscious and intentional in our being and our doing. Take a breath, consider all points of view and choose to use your limited unites of energy to promote what you love instead of fighting what you hate.

Why chose to be angry when you know how detrimental anger is to your wellbeing? Anger did not chose you, you choose anger.

Create the space for patience with self and others.. Live and let live. you can’t stop them anyway 🙂 but you can start a world of pure peace, acceptance, beauty and love, right now, right here, inside of you.

warm hugs and healing, juli