Adoption Parent healing group

Thank you for your interest in our adoption support work!

Why do our kids do what they do?….even after this long?
What am I supposed to do when consequences and rewards don’t work?
I feel like the attention is always on them, what about me? I am exhausted!
I live in a fishbowl and nobody ‘out there’ understands, ugh, I feel so alone.
What happened to the dream we had of family? Is this grief? anger? confusion?

The adoption journey is a sacred one and we are honored that you have landed here.
We welcome you with a warm embrace~

We meet on 4 consecutive Wednesdays at 9 am for our morning parents or 5:30 pm for those who prefer evening gatherings, beginning on the first Wednesday of each month.

This is MT so please convert according to your location. We meet by Zoom.

Each week we will gather in the safety and acceptance of other adoptive parents who are facing similar struggles and who long for the peace and harmony in their family just as you are.
Each week we will learn about trauma and attachment, about the experience of adoption from the perspective of the parent and the perspective of the child.
Each week we will learn and practice one new parenting engagement that calms the chaos and provides insight, compassion and effective outcomes.
Each week you will leave feeling heard, understood, held in your truth and with new understanding that will lead to new levels of healing engagement with your child.

The fee is $209 for each parent which includes 4 weekly sessions parenting education and strategy tool booklet, weekly guide handouts, unique support for your unique challenges and the comfort and safety of gathering with others whom you do not need to defend or explain yourself to. We get it.
This is the cost of one session with our staff but covers a month of support!

When things fall apart we are here to offer you a soft place to land and gently guide you back to grace.


Note: This is a series of 4 sessions, that will be offered and completed in one calendar month, and that build on each other. After purchasing this series, you will have the option to select all 4 sessions within the same calendar month.

We look forward to gathering with and supporting you.

Should you have questions, please email

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