Mindful and Trauma-Informed. Powerful, transformational, and inspirational support that will bring change in one session. Guaranteed.

The Alvarado Group offers clinical consultations, executive and life coaching, and office-based therapy.

Coaching is not for everyone. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is intended for those who are fully committed to the process of change but need some guidance and skill development along the way. Coaching is highly directive. Coaching is a partnership that provides for accountability, tracking change and a focus on the future.

Executive Coaching: Improving the drivers of organizational, team and leadership performance utilizing the tenants of Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulatory Healing. Strengthening your leadership or clinical team is the goal.

Clinical Coaching/Consulting: We provide Treatment Improvement Protocols for clinical/case consultation to individuals or clinical teams in need of treatment planning and intervention support; as well as coaching for clinicians interested in taking their work with clients and self to a deeper level of understanding.

Parent Coaching: Raising children with a history of trauma can be very stressful. We struggle to remain connected, and many parents find themselves in need of trauma-informed strategies as they work to transition their homes and families from chaos to calm. Our parent coaches have been foster/adoptive parents, have a clinical background and are trained in Emotional Regulatory Healing. Keeping families together, safely, is the goal.

Life Coaching: Our professional coaches provide the safety and acceptance, the drive and the guidance that their clients need to improve their careers, relationships, and lives. They help clients to rediscover their purpose in life, their passion for more, and to refocus their energy balance as they move past challenges that can keep us stuck in chaotic states. All of our coaches are flexible in their schedules and work with you by phone or Skype.

Office based Therapy: Sanctuary is provided in our Golden, Colorado office. Individuals, couples and families working through the challenges of life subsequent to trauma or loss will find safety, acceptance and pathways for healing here.

You do not have to do this alone.

Home-based, intensive weekend interventions: From Chaos to Calm: Families in crisis, and families who are ready to take healing to the next level work with our founder, Juli Alvarado, for a full weekend in their homes. Intensive, emotional, deep work leads to the clearing of residual, toxic dynamics providing the space for hope, restoration and healing to begin. Attachment-focused, mindful and trauma-informed interventions provide the foundation for our work with adoptive families and others in search of calm in the midst of their chaos.

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