It is about Universal Healing~

During my teaching yesterday, a participant in the audience asked me why I refer to what I teach as ‘universal healing’ vs ‘trauma healing’ or ‘organizational healing’ or simply ‘therapeutic healing’ ~ I thought I would share with you, what I shared with my audience~

In the beginning of my career in healing I saw the client as needing healing from me.

Soon into my career, I saw the client’s family also in need of healing.

Soon after, I saw the extended family, generations back also in need of healing.

Soon after, I saw the school, community and places of work also in need of healing so that the healing client could live and thrive in a healing world.

And sometime later in my work, I began to see myself in need of healing.
This was by far the hardest, most painful and long term realization of all.

If I, myself, cannot see the need for my own healing, how can I help another see the need for theirs?

If I, myself, cannot see the need for my organization to become a mindful, conscious and healing place to receive my staff on a regular basis, how can I support you in transforming your organization?

When the provider, therapist, parent, or leader sees only the need for healing, change and submission on the part of their ‘subordinates’ , and seeks to impose this change through control, power and intimidation everybody loses. This fear based method of relating takes place of the love that we are intended to BE and to share.

As I began to peel back my own layers, to see the truth of who I am, from where I came and who i see myself to be; as I begin to trust my own intuition and knowing, to listen to my still, tiny voice instead of the voice of others; as I evolved from a state of merely existing to a state of LIVING and learning to do so from a place of gratitude and joy, I realized that…

We Are ALL In Need Of Healing~

From the CEO of the organization to her/his Staff
From the Therapist to the Client
From the Parent to the Child

All of us around the universe are in need of healing.

Universal healing through which we all experience transformation in relationship to one another simultaneously, became my passion, my goal and life’s work.

Emotional Regulatory Healing, my trauma informed and mindfully based paradigm feels right, it is scientifically grounded and most of all has helped 1000’s of leaders, parents and people around the globe find peace, move from chaos to calm and make the transition from existing to living.

That is why i call my work Universal Healing~